Practical Brick Fund-Raising Campaigns

Brick fund-raising is a good way to gain financial support for your organization. Mammoth Stoneworks of Seattle, Washington, engraves top-quality bricks, tiles, and stones for a low price, with fast turnaround time.

Fund-Raising Campaigns

Well-planned and managed brick fund-raising campaigns often help you get a return of up to 80 cents for every dollar donated. Furthermore, brick fund-raising costs are relatively low and with minimal human resources. With our help, even small organizations can pursue projects they once thought were out of reach.

Recognition for Donors and Patrons

Brick fund-raising campaigns are popular because they provide permanent recognition for donors. The engraved products, such as "walls and walks of honor," can also make interesting focal points in an establishment. It will continue to draw attention from different generations after they are constructed.

Launching an Engraved Brick Campaign

Mammoth Stoneworks goes beyond just filling orders. If a customer is unfamiliar with launching a campaign, our fund-raising consultants will assist you with the process anytime. Our realm of expertise includes:

• Developing Donor Lists
• Designing Artwork for Print Advertising

• Supplying or Designing Direct Mail Brochures
• Assisting with Web Design

Contact us in Seattle, Washington, for cost-effective brick fund-raising campaigns.